We are all on this unique journey called life, some people call it a marathon…
We call it a process.

We all face challenges, road blocks, rejection, and even the lows of life when it does not go your way....that all changes right here, right now.

Our goal here at TeamTTP, is to draw out every last breath of fight in you, revitalising those life long dreams and aspirations, and turning them into a reality.

Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, TeamTTP are here to inspire you like no other, building a global community in trusting the process and reigniting every individuals belief that you can and that you will.

It's time to chase and conquer your dreams. A new breed of inspiration. Show the world who’s team you're on.





"Rise Above The Rest"

Our slick, modern design of the wings symbolises the term ‘‘rising” on a personal level. Rising into a better version of yourself or chasing everything they said you couldn’t have.

They embody an uplifting state of empowerment, preparing you to take on and conquer any obstacle that life throws at you.


To inspire and revitalise every individual's dream around the world, reigniting their belief and turning their vision into a reality.